About Furniso

Furniso represents perfection in furniture. We undertake the challenge of adding classy furniture to your dream homes and offices. We will furnish living dreams come true. Furnishing forms an essential part of businesses and residences. We take furniture making to a fine art as a leading brand. Besides being utility based, furniture should enhance the atmosphere and create warmth besides being stylish and comfortable. Sophistication with affordable luxury, besides utility and integrity, is what we wish to translate into everyday furniture. The variety of styles does serve the same purpose ultimately and only the expert knows the differences. You would love the stunning variety and new models are coming up each day. We go through a lot of research to study global trends to design authentic furniture pieces that would occupy pride of place in the office or home.



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No building or room, office, department or home section like the living and the bedroom could exist without fine furniture

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The secrets of interior design

Rather than consider the furniture a detachable part of the home or office setting, we regard them to be part of the scenery, complementing the colours, design and humour of the setting. Colours and designs must match across walls, doors and windows and curtains besides the paintings and photographs, sculpture and antiques on the walls. We will do the mix and match to further business prospects or set up an impressive living room for family occasions.

We believe in artistry and creativity and learn lessons from legendary furniture brands the world over. We assure of dedicated customer support as the hallmark of services for the benefit of clients in all sincerity. Furniture, the ambience and interior design play essential roles in successfull businesses and homes.  Let us provide a living landscape based on wood and metal, art and culture, history and nationality.

We offer customised services at the doorstep

Though we live high up there in the website, we come very  close to clients to design furniture according to specific needs in addition to ready-made models. We will carry our catalogues to your residence and sort out furniture issues regarding space, design, woods and budgets. You would finally be blessed with the furniture you dreamed of.