The Furniso business policies are also revealed elsewhere in the Privacy Policy and FAQs. We are eager to maintain sound relations with clients for whom we exist and labour the whole year round. Following meticulous practices, we insist upon making each deal the best deal both ways. Starting from our initial contact when the website has been browsed, we come into contact and an order has been placed for furniture, we work on a war footing. An appropriate 50% advance is needed to commence operations.

Allow delivery time of about three weeks since we start from scratch and materials may not always be readily and locally available. Such matters can be sorted out via phone too in addition to the web messages. In spite of all our efforts at racing against time, unforeseen constraints may arise and delivery is sometimes delayed. We would keep in touch with you in such a case.

Completed furniture undergoes a variety of tests to ensure the best possible shape and feel for client satisfaction at the office or home interior. Designs, colours and ambience need thorough discussion and decisions need to be carefully made. We offer custom designed furniture too that caters to private requirements in addition to all the website models.

Our staff personally undertakes the delivery of the furniture to ensure that everything is quite in order. A delivery date and time will have to be mutually agreed upon. After you inspect the furniture for quality, colour, design and workmanship, we invite your feedback. Just in case something does not tally with your order or goods are damaged in transit, we take the responsibility of replacing the items or refunding payments.

Regarding the possible delivery locations we can reach, such requests would have to be discussed by phone or email to decide upon feasibility.