Furniso specialises in sofa sets and leaves the designing to your imagination. Simply discuss with us the ambience you would like to bring into the office or home and we will copy that. You could use pictures or models, art and sketches to communicate your ideas. We will grow the seeds that you plant in our minds.

Our furniture makers cater to every department of the home or office, whether it is massive conference or dining tables or cute and sentimental coffee tables and settees. Bedrooms too require plenty of designer beds. Nowadays even kitchens require designer furniture and we can arrange to set up the kitchen or bathroom furniture too.

Art knows no nationality. Clients have a great variety of furniture needs. Our catalogue does contain some exotic pieces of furniture as well as the standard types. Since furniture matters so much in interior design and satisfying lifestyles, we remain inspired to provide works of art.

Since you cannot see what is inside the grand furniture, doubts are bound to arise. Different kinds of furniture require a variety of fillings according to the function like fibre, feather or foam. If a client has a specific request regarding fillings, we would comply.

Sofa covers are of two types, removable ones and fixed. The removable covers may be dry cleaned after detaching but fixed covers are also treated to withstand soiling. The fixed covers have a more elegant look though. A range of colours could be used for each hall or room. Soft shades are better at creating a memorable ambience.

Sofa sets are universally loved besides the sofa cum beds because of utility. Dining tables and chairs are also very much preferred. The immense variety of sofa sets and dining tables are reflected in the catalogue. Garden chairs and deck chairs along with tables are very popular too. Chairs for restaurants and conference rooms along with suitable table designs are very much in demand. A few people want exotic cane furniture and that can be arranged too.

A lot of people naturally suffer from such concerns. We ensure protection of personal details like credit card numbers with secure server technology that is SSL certified. There can be no doubt that your information is in safe hands.

We have set out some business terms elsewhere in the electronic documents on the website. We make every effort at customer satisfaction and the furniture goes through a lot of testing to conform to what was ordered for. However, if something bothers you after the delivery of the furniture, we will look into the matter and come to a mutual agreement regarding returns and refunds according to the unique case. You must communicate with us quickly within a week if such a problem arises.

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