Who we are

Our website address is: https://furniso.in.

 This Privacy Policy concerns the information gathered by Furniso from users on the company website www.furniso.com. The Privacy Policy should be studied in relation with other official communication like Terms and Conditions, Delivery and Returns Policy and FAQs, all of which throw light on different legalities concerning the company dealings with clients in terms of products and services offered. The registration process at the website requires the use of personal information.

Why is Information collected?

When orders are placed, billing and shipping would require personal information that is password protected and security measures are put in place. The same information is used to send promotion materials, advertisements and offers periodically.  Research is also conducted on such aspects. Our dealings follow applicable legal procedures and are aimed at improving customer experience with products and services.

Sharing Information

Personal information of clients will be treated with the greatest confidentiality and Furniso would only share the same with agents or partners for the sole purpose of executing services.

Compatibility with prevailing Laws

Disclosure of information pertaining to clients may be required by law enforcement agencies that may be mandatory. Tax authorities may require the information too.

Business Transfers

In case the situation arises where a merger or acquisition takes place, personal information may be shared but in an ethical manner so that the transferee honours the agreements originally made with the clients.

Email Policies

Personal information like email addresses would be used by the company for sales promotion purposes occasionally. The client can decide to unsubscribe to be removed from the mailing list.

Deleting Your Information

If the client so wishes, all the personal information provided to the company may be deleted in which case the registration with the company would cease and certain privileges may not be further available. In such a case, the request must be made to the Customer Services department for deletion.


Secure Server Software (SSL) encryption applies to all the information entered by the client before we receive it. Standard technological procedures are followed for safety of information and to prevent unauthorised access. Security methods and technologies are adopted adequately to maintain data accuracy and use information properly. We take pains to ensure that any third party involved in the use of client personal information complies with the same precautionary measures.

You may be aware of differences of laws regarding information across different countries. Information may travel on computer systems outside your state or country of residence. Our company transfers information to India and processing takes place there.  Yet in spite of the security measures, a certain element of risk rules the internet. A guarantee cannot be imposed upon the information though we follow all the reasonable safety policies to prevent unlawful access.


Though we provide links to other websites for business purposes that would have their own privacy policy, we do not undertake responsibility for client dealings with other websites.

Privacy Policy changes

Since this privacy policy may change and be updated, clients are requested to keep abreast of the changes.

The Phishing problem

With rising cases of identity theft, it is important to safeguard sensitive information and we endeavour to do the same.