Terms and Conditions

In accordance with the provisions under various applicable Indian laws, this electronic document governs the use and business, privacy policy and user agreement that is conducted through the website http://www.furniso.com/ that represents the company named Furniso and does not require signatures.

User Agreement

Each time you visit the website and that includes the webpages and links including services, you would come under the jurisdiction of the following terms and conditions as you partner with Furniso to obtain information or services. In the case of a Registered user with the website, it will be after due acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Delivery and Return Policies. A registered user receives a User ID and Password and the same would apply to heirs, legally speaking. Since you are held responsible for whatever occurs under the User ID and Password, it is important to maintain secrecy of the same. If breach of terms is detected, the company may deny access to the website and its facilities.

‘Acceptance’ on your part would mean that you agree to the terms and the website would provide a means of indicating acceptance. Logging in through third party websites may be offered as an additional option. If not agreeable to the terms, avoid the acceptance by clicking on the required box. Changes to the terms could happen at any time as Furniso may deem fit and an adapted website may be displayed.


The company Furniso does not imply any warranty or accuracy in relation to the content, software or graphics, links or communications. Nor does the website imply that communications would be without interruption.

Use of the website and its facilities involves risk on the part of the user and the company Furniso and its suppliers do not provide warranty in relation to merchandise.

The website serves as the meeting point for transactions to take place between the company and the users. Transactions will not be possible directly between the users of the website. The user cannot buy or sell goods nor render services to other users. The company does take the responsibility of providing information if any such dispute arises in relation to users of the website.

The company will endeavour to facilitate transactions between website users under the governance of prevailing laws but cannot be held answerable for fraud or negligence and would be governed by the ‘Limitation of Liability.’

Since third parties provide services with regard to personal information of users, the company cannot provide guarantees that such personal information will be protected and will not be held liable for issues that arise unless it results from the fault of the company.

Electronic Uses

Being primarily electronic in communication, the electronic records are legally binding too and you agree to such communications by means of the email ID. Such communication indicates that you do agree to the terms and conditions.


Indian Contract Act, 1872, governs membership regarding who is qualified to participate in legally binding contracts like the age limit of 18 years. If representing a business, it means that you are authorized to do the same.


Registration with the company may bring savings and discounts besides belonging to a vast store of furniture products. Signing up would instantly bring several facilities. One advantage would be that you need not enter personal information each time you buy a product. Offers and promotional email would reach your inbox regularly. The Wishlist helps you to plan your investments.